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Optional Game mechanic to integrate random incidents, disasters or challenges.

Other Information:

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Random incidents, disasters and challenges are an optional feature for sandbox games. If activated in the Create New Prison dialog, they will occur during your game, providing extra difficulty and unpredictability.

There are several different events which will happen at random, but not happen during riots, or if you have less than 50 prisoners on site. Events are less likely if there have been deaths and escapes recently. Sometimes, rarely, several events may occur at once.

All events have an extreme version, which is very rare, and much more severe.

You will get phone calls informing you about the events happening.

Power Station Fire

Your Power Station catches fire. Can only occur if your power station is overloaded.

  • Extreme version: Your power station explodes, damaging buildings/equipment/people nearby and completely removing the power station.

Kitchen Fire

A cooker in the kitchen catches fire. This can cause havoc with your mealtime arrangements.

We recommend you build sprinkler systems in key areas to mitigate this.

Water Pipe Burst

A water pipe bursts and floods the area with water.

Replace the pipe in order to stop the water from spreading around.

Bulk Intake

A random number of prisoners (between 25 and 40) will be transferred into your facility from another prison facing some troubles within the next hour.

This will not happen to small prisons with less than 100 prisoners.

  • Extreme version: All of the prisoners belong to the same gang, which will make things excruciatingly difficult.

Workshop Accident

A prisoner injures himself on the equipment in the workshop, and requires medical attention.

Prisoners injured this way get the "Bleeding" status effect. Get them to a doctor quick!


A random section of your wall or fence collapses. Get it rebuilt before we have a mass escape!

We always recommend double outer walls, and this gives yet another good reason.


Several prisoners come down with a highly contagious virus. The virus will spread to nearby inmates, so try to isolate them (e.g. by putting them into solitary). Prisoners suffering from this virus will look sickly, move slowly, and vomit a lot. Some will fall unconscious.

Your guards will try to take confirmed cases to the infirmary for cure. Some inmates will go to the infirmary themselves, but only when they are let out their cells.

The number of infected prisoners will be displayed in your to-do list. The actual prisoners will show an unhealthy skin colour.

  • Extreme version: Some prisoners will eventually die from the virus if left untreated.

Mass Assassination

You discover that several inmates at your prison (between 7 and 10) are federal witnesses in an upcoming prosecution. Unfortunately, somebody has put a price on their heads and they will all be assassinated in the next few hours.

Find out who there are (using your Confidential Informants), and get them moved to Protective Custody. Once the timer in the to-do list hits zero, they will all leave the prison to attend the court hearing, and will not return (most likely living out their lives in federal witness protection, holding their breath every time they start their cars).

Be aware that allowing too many deaths is a failure condition in the sandbox game.

City Mayor Demands

The Mayor is under political pressure to appear to be doing the right thing. He will from time to time phone you and demand certain changes to your prison, in the public interest.

The demand is always temporary - after a few days, things return to normal. However, failure to comply will result in a heavy fine.


  • TV Removal: Due to public pressure, all TVs must be removed. ($10,000 fine)
  • Weights Removal: Due to public pressure, all Weights Benches must be removed. ($10,000 fine)
  • Less Food: Provide smaller meals with less variety, to try to save on costs. ($5,000 fine)
  • Remove Visitation: For security reasons, all visitation must be halted, meaning that all visitation rooms have to be removed. ($20,000 fine)

Prisoner Demands

From time to time the prisoners in your facility become so frustrated that they demand changes.

It's your choice to comply or not, but the prisoners will not be happy if you refuse, possibly resulting in violence. However, if you comply fast, prisoners might get inclined to raise their next demand soon.


  • Less Work: Prisoners wish to work for fewer hours during the day.
  • More Sleep: Prisoners want longer to sleep at night.
  • More Free Time: Prisoners want more free time during the day.

Contraband surge

We've just discovered that one of the teachers we bring in for the inmates classes has been smuggling in huge amounts of contraband. They've been fired, but the damage has been done at this point.

Tree fire

A fire has started in our forestry!

Food poisoning

We've been getting reports of food poisoning amongst the prisoners. Some of the food in the kitchen must have spoiled. Unfortunately for the sick, there isn't much to do but to wait it out.

Agitating radio

According to some of our Guards, a new radio host on the station the prisoners listen to has been saying a lot of things that are riling a the inmates up.

It might be worth removing the radios for the time being, unless they start to take what he's saying seriously.

CI list leak

We don't know how, but the identities of our confidential informants have got out. If we don't move them somewhere save straight away, they are going to be in real danger.

Mass tunnelling



One of our more charismatic inmates has become something of a religious evangelist, and others seem to be coming around to their way of thinking. Not a necessarily a problem, but our prisoners may soon have more spiritual needs.

Keyser Soze

A recent high-profile gang case has implicated one of our Minimum Security prisoners as a high ranking gang leader. They've remained under the radar, but now everyone knows who they are...


One of the spiritual leaders we bring in for our religious programs has been riling up the inmates with all kinds of hateful speech. They've been fired, but the prisoners will take some time to cool down.

Weather events

If activated (see Temperature), then besides the normal weather conditions (overcast, rain, snow and frost), two rare weather events may occur:

  • Torrential rain
  • Heatwave